Money Does Grow on Trees!

Nexus Healthcare is looking for top candidates! We believe the best way to find promising candidates are the people who are already thriving at Nexus Healthcare. But that doesn’t mean we won’t encourage and reward individuals outside of Nexus Healthcare to refer applicants to our positions.

We’ll make it worth your while to refer your friends, acquaintances, former colleagues, or anybody else who you think would be a great addition to our team at Nexus Healthcare.

Referral bonus: $1500 for Medical Directors and $500 for other positions

A referral bonus of $1500 or $500 will be distributed after the candidate has completed their initial 90 days of employment.

How to refer and register a candidate:

Send us an email or call 804-502-0870 with potential candidate(s) name and contact info.


  • Names and contact info must be provided to be eligible for a referral bonus. Potential candidates may also contact us directly and name the referring party i.e. John Doe may reference in an email that Jane Doe referred him for the XYZ position. Anonymous referrals are OK if contact info is provided.
  • Individuals must be hired within 90 days of referral registration date for the referral bonus to be eligible.
  • In the event that two employees refer the same individual, only the first referral will be eligible for the bonus.
  • The $1500 or $500 referral payment fee will be paid after the candidate has completed their initial 90 days of employment.
  • Referrers will receive $1500 or $500 payment after 90 days following the referred candidate’s first day of employment.
  • No referral bonus will be paid for candidates with whom Nexus Healthcare has had employment discussions preceding the submitted referral.
  • Referred candidates must not have applied to Nexus Healthcare job postings or have been previously contacted by Nexus Healthcare.
  • All referrers will be required to fill out a W-9 PDF and required to return it prior to receipt of referrers payment.
  • This program may be terminated at Nexus Healthcare’s sole discretion.


Refer a Candidate